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    • "In an age driven by technology and information, the rate at which organizations learn may be the only sustainable competitive advantage." —Ray Strata
    • "It’s easy to get good players. Getting them to play together, that’s the hard part." —Casey Stengel
    • "The best way to predict your future is to create it." —Peter Drucker
    • "Take the time to understand what’s behind your success. It’s the best way to ensure it will continue." —Stuart R. Levine
    • "They say the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken. The chains you put around yourself now have enormous consequences as you go through life." —Warren Buffett
    • "Who exactly seeks out a coach? Winners who want more out of life." —Chicago Tribune
    • "In one study, executive coaching at Booz Allen Hamilton returned $7.90 for ever $1 the firm spent on coaching." —MetrixGlobal LLC
    • “A coach is part advisor, part sounding board, part cheerleader, part manager and part strategist.” —The Business Journal
    • "Do one thing every day that scares you." —Eleanor Roosevelt